Jobsite Project Manager

Job Description

  • Complete the project and construction management according to the contract requirements, schedule, quality objectives and safety requirements
  • Formulate project construction plan and project implementation process (procurement, manufacturing, transportation and installation) schedule and adjust and control
  • Control the materials/product during the project operation, including delivery time and distribution status
  • Control the cost of the project during its operation, including the management of total and subcontract cost, and the determination and negotiation of changes in the execution of the contract
  • Coordinate the relationship between parties on the jobsite and take the initiative to anticipate and resolve various on-site issues arising from internal and external sources
  • Responsible for managing the construction team, executing the project construction, compiling the construction organization plan and compiling the bidding documents


  • Bachelor degree or above, majoring in architecture, mechanics, structural engineering, middle-level or above professional title, first-class construction division
  • Requirements of engineering technology and construction management experience for more than 2 years
  • Familiar with and understand the steel structure design, material procurement, production process and on-site construction and installation process and related regulatory requirements
  • Good language and writing skills and interpersonal communication skills, and have good communication skills in English
  • Strong sense of responsibility, practical work hard, active and active attitude
  • Familiar with the site construction of the sub-projects of the operation process
  • Master all kinds of office software and CAD software
  • Can accept long-term business trips and follow the project resident project location, at any time follow-up project and management project process


Grace Lu
Covertex Membranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Room 15A02, Bldg A, No. 668, XinZhuan Road, XinQiao Town, SongJiang District
Shanghai 201612

Tel. +86 21 5768 7162 820

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