The future of PFEIFER.
It's only just beginning.

PFEIFER's business is the safety of people. Our customers and our employees. And last but not least, all the people that come into contact with our products and services – directly or indirectly. That is our credo. And our mission. That has consequences. PFEIFER bears a particular responsibility as a technology and innovation leader in application technology. To be specific: we won't be resting on our laurels where the excellence of our technologies, products or services is concerned. As a partner of our customers, we face up to the challenges of their markets. In order with our developments and solutions to secure the advantage for them that is crucial in global competition. As a long-term-oriented employer, our task is to contribute to the wellbeing and social security of our workforce. At our head office in Memmingen. And wherever PFEIFER produces or maintains sales and service offices. We need growth for that. Valuable, healthy and profitable. That is PFEIFER's corporate goal. We are strengthening our leading position in Europe and the world. With first-class products and services, with promising locations. And with highly motivated employees who share our values.
  • Competences

    Of people and technologies.
    What makes PFEIFER first-class.

    Those who regular inspire their customers through the excellence of their products and services rely first and foremost on one thing: on themselves. That's why PFEIFER manufactures special products and the majority of the machined parts for the business units itself. At five production sites. In Europe. In Asia. In North America. We do this with experienced and specially qualified skilled workers – long-serving employees at PFEIFER. With the special knowledge that we have bundled from various areas of application technology for generations. That is perhaps unique in the industry. And we do this with readiness for above-average investment. In the extension of our machine pool and production centres – at the state of the art. Nothing is left to chance. Quality assurance according to standardised and self-developed QM guidelines is a central aspect of our manufacturing philosophy that we take very seriously. We have set up a large number of checking and testing systems for the analysis of steel wire ropes alone. After all, the quality of our products and services is the basis for our global success. By the way: We have been producing lean since 2012. Consistently in accordance with the Kaizen philosophy. In Germany, in Europe and on all other continents. Efficiently. Quickly. Reliably. And as a matter of principle in constant top quality. Our production processes benefit from the results. But above all, so do our customers.
    Unique in the world – the fully automatic high bay-warehouse for rope winches
    Multi-layer winding test rig for crane ropes 
    Latest stranding technology in steel wire rope manufacturing
  • Innovation

    Towards the future.
    And then always straight ahead.

    The safest ropes come from PFEIFER. The most efficient fixing rails for precast concrete elements. The most flexible solutions for the manipulation of coils. The technically most mature rockfall covering and protection systems. The smartest ideas for the safe handling of loads. Individual cases? No: daily business. More than 70 product managers and engineers work at PFEIFER towards an application-technical future. Every day. In every business unit. They develop customer-specific solutions and standard systems with unique advantages. Ambition is an essential hallmark of our development team. The objective: to create unique selling points that guarantee our customers an important advantage in their markets. Our investment in research and development is extraordinarily high. Exactly like our participation in national and internal committees for standardisation, in technical committees and in associations. And we have always maintained close co-operative partnerships with important research institutes, technical colleges and universities. The innovation management leaves tracks. Around 20,000 satisfied customers. Worldwide. Over 100 applications for patents. Just in the last 20 years. Numerous awards. National and international. Plus major process innovations. PFEIFER is on the direct route to the future – and has been for over 440 years.

  • Quality management

    Quality must prove itself.
    In all connecting systems. In every metre of rope.

    PFEIFER develops premium application solutions. It goes without saying that you can expect the highest quality standards with such solutions. Why do we still talk about quality management and quality assurance at PFEIFER? Because the length of time that your crane rope is loadable could be crucial for you. Or whether the assembly sequences of cable-borne stadium structures intermesh smoothly.

    Our opinion is this: in particular when it comes to safety-relevant questions, it’s worthwhile taking a close look at the partner you’re relying on.

    • That’s why the entire PFEIFER Group with all of its locations is comprehensively certified to the valid international standard DIN EN 9001 (Quality Management System). Partly also to OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety), ISO 50001 (Energy Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental management).
    • That’s why we examine and obligate all of our suppliers to PFEIFER’s high quality requirements through supplier audits.
    • That’s why all processes at PFEIFER are subject to extensive preventive quality technologies. One of them, for example, is the product and process FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis).
    • That’s why we accompany production by quality assurance with our own checking and testing facilities (destructive and non-destructive testing of features).
    • That’s why the entire QM at PFEIFER is systematically aligned to lean management and the Kaizen philosophy. And is implemented as a continuous improvement process.

    And that’s why concepts such as quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, energy efficiency and sustainability are more than just nice words for PFEIFER. They are the fundamental values of our undertaking. You can rely on that.

    PFEIFER company group policy

  • Awards

    Front runner in the competition.
    Awards and honours

    German Steel Construction Award
    Cape Town Stadium in Greenpoint/South Africa
    Member of TOP 100
    PFEIFER is one of Germany's most innovative mid-sized companies.
    blechnet Award at the Blechexpo 2015 for the most innovative product in the category Handling Technology/Robotics – awarded for the PFEIFER AXXO rotary turning table.
    PFEIFER has won many honours. For its building projects. For its products. For its innovative services. For its dedication to sustainability. We are delighted about this broad public recognition. And we take it as an incentive to become even better for our customers. Every day.

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