Understanding what you move.
Typical PFEIFER.

PFEIFER has a special attitude. We practise professionalism and thoroughness in everything we do. We stand for the solidity and consistency of our products and services. For reliability that makes us credible in international business. As a manufacturer. As an assembler. As a seller. As the close partner of our customers. This attitude concerns our self-concept in the way we approach your application questions. In the depth with which we examine your tasks and your branch of industry. To be able to offer not the first best, but always the best solutions. It has to do with our down-to-earth tradition as a family company from the Allgäu. And thus with its roots in Germany. "Made in Germany" – in the truest sense. 
  • Entrepreneurial principles

    "People shape tomorrow's world. It is our aim to make this world a little safer for them every day."

    Gerhard Pfeifer

    Companies are made by people for people. Entrepreneurial growth and entrepreneurial success thus begin with the people. This principle is the central theme that holds PFEIFER together. Across all business units, countries and cultures. Our dealings with our customers are characterised by special values. Likewise the behaviour of our colleagues towards one another and towards the environment. These values are: Reliability. Esteem. Partnership. You could put it another way: security on which you can rely. In all questions of technology, collaboration and co-operation.
  • Corporate culture

    Essential PFEIFER.
    Our corporate culture.

    Our corporate culture is a culture of open, fair and reliable co-operation. With one another, with our customers and partners, and with the general public. Because that creates trust. And makes us act on our own initiative. Commitment that we need to be able to continue growing profitably. After all, the success of our company is based on the work enjoyment of our workforce. Our jointly developed understanding of values is the central theme that serves all our employees as an orientation. As a binding guideline for dealing and communicating with one another, within the national and international teams, with our clients and with our business partners. Part of that is also that we prevent every form of discrimination and strictly forbid child and juvenile labour and every form of slave labour. Our striving to create a motivating, healthy working environment bears fruits. Over 40 percent of our workforce have been with the company longer than 10 years.
  • Company values

    Inspiring people.

    Customer orientation at PFEIFER means: our company revolves around people. Very special people. By that we mean our clients. The entire value creation chain at PFEIFER is aligned to them. You could also say: all of our efforts are aimed at inspiring people. Because we don't just solve tasks, needs, problems. We do our best. Everybody benefits from this attitude. Our clients. Our employees. Our company. After all, we know that if our customers are successful, then so are we. 

    What characterises our company?
    Our employees.

    We regard our company as a field of action by people for people. The most important principle at PFEIFER is therefore to practise and promote a people- and value-oriented corporate culture. Actively. Daily. Everywhere. Ultimately we shape our future together. Together we determine the success of our company. We regard the motivation, work enjoyment, creativity and health of our employees as our greatest assets.

    Many countries – one culture

    The PFEIFER Group is a company for people with different mentalities and cultures. In Memmingen, in Europe and all over the world. Consciousness of one's own roots is for us the essential prerequisite for the understanding of people with other cultural and ethnic origins. Mutual regard and respect, the keeping and nurturing of cultural values: these are all supporting pillars within the context of the people-oriented management culture of our worldwide active group.

    Wanting performance

    Success secures the existence of our company. The existence of our company offers jobs. Our employees determine the success of our company through their performance. Their motivation and will to perform are the foundations of our existence. That's why we want performance.

    Growth is our course

    Our goal is the future. And has been for over 430 years. PFEIFER's corporate strategy is clearly aimed at growth. Both quantitative and qualitative. For the next five years we are planning a considerable increase in sales figures, the development of our markets and even more intensive customer support. To this end we are appointing skilled employees who share our values and our high performance standards. Centrally at our head office in Memmingen. And in all our companies worldwide.


    The history of PFEIFER has been linked with the town of Memmingen and the region for over 430 years. The activities of the company's owners have proven their close affinity for many decades. Numerous events that are well known beyond the region's borders plus the wide variety of personal dedication to social, political and cultural concerns are an expression of the commitment of the Pfeifer family, the company and its employees.

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